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Our Co-Founder Anreka Gordon shares with us important biblical principles and testimony from her Youtube Video Channel “Unexplainable Grace”

“The Lord has been pressing me to start a YouTube page for a little over a year now, So here I am! Look forward to sharing more testimonies of Jesus and whatever else I’m led to do on this channel. Bye World!!”

To all my Christian brothers and sisters out there who are looking for their life partner: if you share with your potential mate your desire to wait until marriage to have sex and they say they’ll wait on you, STOP! There are 2 problems here:

1) YOU are their reason and foundation for making such a commitment, but who are you? You are fragile, finite human that is powerless without God. So if they’re decision is solely based on you, then it will also be fragile, finite, and powerless.

2) It can be tiring waiting on people, what happens when their patience runs out? What happens when you’re no longer worth the wait to them? SAVE YOUR HEART THE TROUBLE and let that person go and wait until God sends you someone who’s decision is grounded in Christ, who’s the ROCK and isn’t going anywhere!

God’s pick for us will be waiting WITH US not on us. ”

– Anreka Gordon

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When two of our founder received a surprise birthday party and baby shower on the same night!


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