We are the Breakthrough Generation

Transforming Our Generation One Fellowship At A Time

Our Story

“I realized that there needed to be an outlet for us young adults in the church. A place where we can open up and be ourselves. A place where we could be passionate, imperfect, progressive, gifted, fun and crazy about Jesus together.”

-Xavier Murray

In The Beginning

 In the year of 2013, what initially began as casual fellowship amongst church friends eloped into a desire which then birthed an organizational ministry. Xavier, Lydia, and Anreka saw that there was an imperative need for community amongst the young adults at their local church and sought to fill those gaps by organizing fellowships and events that brought their demographic together. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, In 2014 Breakthrough Generation was established. It was not long before the small church group progressed to a community organization within the Binghamton NY area. Today, Breakthrough Generation has deeper affiliations to its home base community, collaborating with other organizations and Christian ministries to fulfill its purpose. They have connected young adults from all parts of NY State and abroad, fostering long-lasting friendships and associations. Its members attest to the transformational work of God in their lives through the coming together of His people.

The Vision

Today many Christian young adults are challenged by prevailing discrepancies within the Christian body. Legalism has given way to church hurt and rejection. Trendy doctrines and anti-Christ cultures prompting an exodus of millennials from the Christian faith. The lack of true discipleship for the young stifling gifts and purpose. As they also personally relate to these experiences, the founders of Breakthrough Generation are deeply passionate about mending the broken and empty of their generation back to Christ. They have set out to help others find healing, purpose, and ultimately, fulfillment in Christ and who He has made them to be. This organization is not only for those wholly walking in their God-given purpose but also for those still trying to find it.


Breakthrough Generation is an organization whose mission is to spread the gospel, build community and empower young adults to break through to their full potential in Christ. We seek to accommodate and cultivate all young adults between the ages of 18-30.

Core Values & Beliefs

1. We believe the Holy Scriptures in that the Bible is the inspired, infallible and authoritative written word of God. 

2. We believe in the Trinity that there is one Living and True God, eternally existing in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe Jesus is the only begotten Son of God the Father, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, blameless without sin and fully God. 

3. We believe in the Gospel of Salvation that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice of death on the cross for our sins and was resurrected from the dead; so that whoever believes in Him shall be saved. We believe that salvation comes only through Christ Jesus and we attain salvation by grace through repentance, confession with our mouths and belief in our hearts that Jesus is Lord (Romans 10:9). We believe that we are justified by faith and not the law.

4.  We believe the Holy Spirit to be apart of the Godhead and is equal and same as the Father and the Son, which is One. We believe the Holy Spirit to be an abiding helper, teacher, and comforter displaying the power of God through spiritual giftings and prophecy. We believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:4 is a gift freely given from God to all those who believe. 

5. We believe in upholding biblical standards of righteousness in that we ought to exemplify Christ in the way we live and to display the fruits of righteousness Jesus instructed us to observe in those that are of Him. (Matthew 7:15-20)

“Breakthrough Generation is an organization whose mission is to spread the gospel, build community and empower young adults to break through to their full potential in Christ.”

About Our Founders

Transforming our Generation one fellowship at a time with
Empowerment | Community | Purpose | Christ


Xavier Murray 


Xavier Murray is a devoted husband, father, and servant. The youngest of five siblings, at the age of twelve Xavier would migrate with his family from the island of Jamaica to Queens, New York. Culture shock and the realities of his new lifestyle brought about difficulties in his adolescent years leading him down a path to depression. Xavier believed the lie that he was unworthy and quickly spiraled downhill seeking illegitimate comfort in alcohol, marijuana, gang activity, cutting and burning of himself,  and at his lowest, several attempted suicides. However, as he stands to tell it today, each suicide attempt failed as Xavier would come to realize that God blocked him from death.

 In 2001 Xavier’s life would take a new direction when he signed up for the Job Corps Academy program in Oneonta NY becoming a skilled and notable workman in the cement mason trade. Here he met a God fearing student who prompted him into praying a prayer of salvation and reading the scriptures. As Xavier continued in his sins, years later attending church regularly, those seeds would come to mature fully.  In 2011 Xavier fully surrendered his life to Christ and would soon after become an ordained deacon of his church.

In 2013 Xavier felt pressed about creating an open space for young adults like himself to come together in fellowship. He connected with Anreka Gordon and Lydia Murray (his now wife) to establish Breakthrough Generation. Presently Xavier continues to labor and expand upon this vision. Ironically, today Xavier works as a cement mason instructor at the very same Academy from which he graduated. He oversees many disadvantaged youths some of which experience the same struggles he did as an adolescent. He is able to share his past life experiences as a student pointing to his engraved name on the academy’s wall of fame and then pointing to where he is a man of God today. Xavier is passionate about reaching those who suffer from suicide and depression, exemplifying and teaching others the principles of godly marriage and relationships, and also advocating for the needy. He is the breakthrough generation.

“Xavier felt pressed about creating an open space for young adults like himself to come together in fellowship.”

Anreka was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, NY, but currently resides in Binghamton, NY. Her college career brought her to Binghamton after she graduated from Dutchess Community College in 2010 and went on to complete her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and master’s in Public Administration at Binghamton University. During her undergraduate years, Anreka’s life was turned upside down after a series of poor decisions and not knowing her identity in Jesus Christ. She lost control of her life and accepted the lie that God was punishing her and quickly drifted into a mild depression. After a year of walking silently in pain and hurt, on January 2, 2012, God showed her that Jesus was her escape and the way to life. She yielded to this revelation and entered into a born again relationship with Christ that night.

Since then, God has completely changed her life by granting her forgiveness of her sin, mercy for her mistakes, and grace to be free from shame. In 2014, she joined Xavier and Lydia Murray in creating Breakthrough Generation to build community and support for young adults desiring to break through to their next level and full potential in Christ.

Soon after, in 2015, God led her to start a YouTube channel called “Unexplainable Grace” as a way to virtually and globally evangelize and testify of God’s power and grace. She currently leads and oversees a prayer journaling group comprised of 10-13-year-olds within her church’s kids ministry and is a weekly mentor at a local elementary school through the NYS Mentor Program. Overall, Anreka is a follower of Jesus and carries the heart burden to evangelize and build discipleship/mentor relationships with young women whenever God leads. Anreka is the Breakthrough Generation.

“Anreka is a follower of Jesus and carries the heart burden to evangelize and build relationships with young adults as God leads.

Anreka Gordon


Lydia Murray


Mrs. Lydia Murray was born in the Caribbean twin-aisle of Trinidad and Tobago. In a life-altering decision, Lydia’s mother brought her to the United States along with her younger sister when she was twelve years old. Lydia maneuvered through the challenging circumstances of her life surrounding a severe lack of resources which lead her into suicidal depression. As time went by, Lydia struggled to see the value in her life and resolved to exist in brokenness and hopelessness.

Her life would then change forever after an encounter with Christ in 2013 awakened and pushed her toward His predestined purpose. In a scary leap of faith, she moved from Long Island to Binghamton, NY. Here, Lydia became grounded in service to her community and abroad.  She contributed to the relief efforts of Binghamton University’s Global Medical Brigades in Honduras, assisted in bible study meetings and fundraisers for the Binghamton University Gospel Choir as well as her local church, and serving weekly at a local soup kitchen. It was at this point in time that Lydia connected with Anreka Gordon and Xavier Murray. Having three like minds, they established their ministry vision and called it Breakthrough Generation. Today, as Lydia continues to contribute to this joined vision, she also labors to fulfill her purpose as a leader for her generation and a marketplace visionary.

A now devoted wife and mother, she seeks to build young women through verbal and written expression, while exemplifying transparency in regards to her life’s journey and fulfilling her entrepreneurial aspirations. She is set to launch her first blog website and a virtual ministry which will serve as a medium which aims to further equip, empower and encourage all women to be fruitful and to multiply in all aspects of their lives. She also manages several small business endeavors alongside her main focus and commitment as a mother.  Lydia holds strongly to the belief that we can absolutely do all things through Christ. Lydia is the Breakthrough Generation.

“Lydia labors to fulfill her purpose as a leader for her generation and a marketplace visionary.”


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