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We are the Breakthrough Generation

Breakthrough Generation is an independent Christian young adult organization with its head chapter based in Binghamton, NY.

Fostering Community

We aim to foster community by providing a space for anyone ages 18-30 to gather, have fun, be edified and grow while being in an atmosphere that welcomes the presence of God.

Iron Sharpens Iron

We sharpen one another with the Word of God through teaching, general dialogue, prayer, social media and the exemplification of Christ through our lives and breakthroughs.

We’re Very Social!

We utilize several social media platforms to connect young aults locally and abroad; virtually fulfilling the core mission of our organization.

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“One of my greatest joys is to see people get closer to God than ever before”.

Today many Christian young adults are challenged by prevailing discrepancies within the Christian body. Legalism has given way to church hurt and rejection. Trendy doctrines and anti-Christ cultures prompting an exodus of millennials from the Christian faith. The lack of true discipleship for the young stifling gifts and purpose. As they also personally relate to these experiences, the founders of Breakthrough Generation are deeply passionate about mending the broken and empty of their generation back to Christ. They have set out to help others find healing, purpose, and ultimately, fulfillment in Christ and who He has made them to be. This organization is not only for those wholly walking in their God given purpose but also for those still trying to find it.

Here’s what young adults are saying about Breakthrough Generation!

We are a diverse and unique generation of Believers

“Whenever I fellowship with my brothers and sisters, I feel a tangible love. Breakthrough Generation is the kind of ministry that actually carries out one of the main messages of Jesus Christ, which is to sincerely love one another. It’s truly a blessing to know that I have a group of friends ready to pray with me, to fellowship with, or even just to talk with. I love BG!”

Grace Lawal

Architect Student,

City College of New York

“Among many things, Breakthrough Generation provides an alternative to the typical nightlife of a young person. Having a group that shares the conviction to live out our faith makes a world of difference. By conversation and example, my brothers and sisters challenge, encourage and inspire me to move as God leads.”

Amber Jennings

Education Abroad Advisor,

Binghamton University

“Breakthrough Generation has given me a diverse community of supportive believers who encourage each other! Through this ministry, I have learned that as a young adult, I can live a meaningful, spirit-lead and fun Christ centered life. BG motivates me to grow through prayer and fellowship.”


Akua By

Community Liaison,

St. Peter’s Health Partners


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Existing Chapter: Binghamton, NY


Breakthrough Generation

Breakthrough Generation is an independent Christian young adult ministry with its head chapter based in Binghamton, NY.